Professional networking is broken.

Have you ever been introduced to someone's supposed "connection," only to find out they barely know each other? It's more than awkward - it signals how broken today's approach to networking has become.

Even saying the term "professional networking" feels cringey. Yet, at its core, networking remains essential to building meaningful careers and unlocking opportunities.

But let's not focus on how it is; instead, let's imagine how it could be.

How it should be.

The networking paradox

We set out to build bridges and forge meaningful paths in our careers, yet somewhere along the way, the idea of building a network became less about genuine connections and more of a numbers game. We're encouraged to make connections, often indiscriminately, under the guise that more is always better. The essence of connection, the very heart of networking, got lost in translation.

Ironically, as our professional networks expand, it becomes increasingly challenging to tap into their full potential.

Our brains struggle to keep track of who knows who and what opportunities might be hidden within our connections. As a result, we often limit ourselves to our inner circle when seeking help or advice, missing out on the wealth of untapped potential that lies within our extended network.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We believe in a world where genuine connection and opportunity aren't mutually exclusive. Where authentic relationships and the power of an expansive network can coexist and thrive.

Introducing Dunbar, a fresh approach to professional networking that puts authenticity, reciprocity, and real value creation at the forefront.

Dunbar today

We believe that unlocking your network's true potential requires a multi-faceted approach. While the future of Dunbar is expansive, our current focus is on providing intelligent, actionable insights to guide your networking efforts. We're developing a range of innovative features designed to help you find the right connections, engage with them effectively, and nurture meaningful relationships.


Sync your network

Dunbar brings your connections together in one place to open doors you didn't know existed. We sync your contacts from email and other social platforms to paint a holistic picture of your network.


Intelligent search

Find the most relevant connections by describing what you need in plain language. Dunbar will also predict likelihood of response, based on relevance and connection strength.


Optimal pathways

Identify the most effective ways to reach out to the people you want to meet. We'll also share insights into the health of your professional relationships to nurture them effectively.


In-the-moment opportunity alerts

Receive real-time suggestions to leverage your network as you go about your day

Join us

We envision a future where building and maintaining a strong, valuable network is seamlessly integrated into your professional routine. A world where obstacles like limited time, geographical distance, cultural differences, and industry silos no longer hinder career growth and opportunities.

The journey ahead is an exciting one. Join us in reimagining what professional networking can be.

Christian Bryant
CEO, Dunbar

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